Visual Arts

2004 Oct: Survey of recent paintings – Tahir Fatah  (Iraq Kurdistan)

2005 March: The Fire Next Time – Prints by Kamran Moojedi  (Iran)

2005 June: Abstractions – Paintings by Rudik Ovsepyan  (Armenia)

2006 July: Peace Pieces – paintings by Susan Moss  (United States)

2007 May: Bubblescapes – photos by Tal Yizrael   (Israel)

2008 MayWomen in Diaspora – paintings by Dorish Bitar (Palestine), Nuha  Sinno  (Lebanon),    Lidia Shadow (Israel)

2010 Sept: Pilgrimage in Al Andalus —  photos by Nahid Massoud (Afghanistan)

2011 Sept: The Afghans: Pictures of Resilience – Photos by Peter Bussian (USA)

2012 April: Three Artists / Many Worlds – Paintings / Collages

Noah Haytin (USA), Khalid Hussein (Egypt), Ashen Ovsepjan ( Armenia)

2012 Dec: Youth Art Express: Young South Asian Artists (Pakistan)

2013 June: Latitude 34: Photos by Malika Sqalli Morocco

2014 Oct:  Mother Egypt, Golden Nubia: — Photos by Michael Nelson (Tunisia)

(Part of Los Angeles Islam Arts Initiative)

2017 March: Ali Acerol, Maps and Stamps